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Aquatherm - Greenpipe Leak-Free Fittings

Aquatherm is a pioneer in polypropylene piping systems, working to bring people the quality, reliability and performance they need for the most
basic elements of their lives.

For almost 4 decades, Aquatherm has been the global leader in polypropylene pressure piping systems. They have the most advanced technology to
provide the highest quality products manufactured anywhere in the world. Their polypropylene pipes and fittings are engineered to last for over
50 years without leaking, wearing out or corroding. These piping systems are designed to outlast other materials and can be fully recycled when
their service-life is complete.

Because of Aquatherm's demanding quality standards, all properly installed Aquatherm pipe systems carry a 10-year warranty and $10 million
property liability coverage through Llyod's of London. Aquatherm piping systems have been tested and certified to many national and international
safety standards and codes, including ISO, ICC, ASTM, IAPMO, NSF Standard 51 and NSF Standard 14. The quality of Aquatherm's piping systems is
recognized around the world and is dedicated to providing the very best for everyone from engineers, building owners, architects and installers.

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Aquatherm Greenpipe leak-free fittings
Aquatherm Greenpipe leak-free fittings

Solar Dude
through GPS is the exclusive distributor in NC for Aquatherm, the global leader and the pioneer in polypropylene piping systems. They offer as proof of their demanding quality standards, a 10 year warranty backed with a multi-million dollar insurance policy by Lloyd's of London, that their heat fused piping systems will not leak. For additional information contact us today.