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BRAE - Rainwater Harvesting Systems

At GPS, we believe water conservation is an important balance point in today's green-conscious world, which is only one reason we support and sell Brae Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Schools, Homes and Businesses. Rainwater saved has a measurable impact on your operational efficiencies. This allows you to meet new mandates as well as your overall sustainability objectives.

Site designs can also assist you in gaining LEED certification. These environmentally important systems have been installed by Lowes, NC Arboretum, Chris Kids, Topsail Beach, NC in partnership with the Broadhurst Development Company, University of Georgia at Athens performing and Visual Arts Center, The Home depot Smart Home-Duke University, Northern Guilford High and middle Schools and many others.

We are committed to delivering quality system solutions and we're happy to help you find the right system for your project.

Brae Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Schools, Homes and Businesses
Solar Dude through GPS is the leading distributor of BRAE-Rainwater Harvesting Systems in NC. For additional information about how you can conserve water with a BRAE Rainwater Harvesting System, contact us today.