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NC Solar Water Heating

NC Solar Hot Water Panels, Solar Water Heating SystemsToday's most efficient solar water heating systems utilize the latest evacuated tube & heat-pipe technology to make them extremely cost effective to many home owners. They can convert 60% of the solar energy that falls on them into useful heat energy. These NC solar water heating systems can operate in temperatures as cold as -60°C enabling them to contribute to water heating throughout the winter. The solar hot water panels / collector is connected to a closed loop which circulates an antifreeze mixture which transfers the heat to the hot water tank. There is no risk of frost damage and they are durable, and resistant to hail. They are so efficient that they are capable of heating water to boiling in summer.

Solar thermal is the collection, storage, and use of heat from sunshine to generate hot water. It is one of the most efficient means of using solar energy. Think about how hot your car gets when you park it in the sun. There is a huge amount of energy in solar radiation, and the sunshine on one square foot in one year is equal to the energy in 2.5 gallons of oil. Two or three collectors can easily supply all the hot water for an average family on sunny days. Even on cloudy days, they can make a substantial contribution and cut utility bills.

Our AET solar hot water panels are a far cry from the old products you may have seen. AET collectors are much more effective, and infinitely better-looking. We know you’re proud of your home, so they are designed with sleek lines; an attractive, smooth surface. They blend in perfectly with your roof line and make a statement about taste and innovation.

NC Solar Hot Water Panels, Solar Water Heating Systems

NC Solar Hot water Panels - NC Solar Water Heating - NC Solar Water Heating Systems