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Tankless Water Heaters

Bosch Tankless Hot Water HeatersAccording to, the average person at home in the United States uses anywhere from 100 to 175 gallons of water per day. Conserving water helps not only to preserve irreplaceable natural resources, but also to reduce the strain on urban wastewater management systems. A lot of water and energy wastage is waiting for hot water, but that will never be a problem once you have a Bosch Tankless Water System installed in your home or business. The Bosch Tankless Water Heaters are the only tankless water heaters in the U.S. that have been designed specifically for the U.S. market.

The Bosch Tankless Water heater's average life expectancy is more than 20 years, supplies endless hot water on demand and saves energy up to 50%. That means you begin saving money the minute your system is installed.

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, in 2004, "Tankless water heaters are (a promising technology) that has significant energy savings potential compared to conventional products. If these products eventually achieve widespread market acceptance, tremendous gains in energy savings and associated pollution prevention could be achieved."

If we all used Tankless Water Heaters, collectively we could.......

1) Keep 91 million tons of Carbon Dioxide out of our atmosphere every year.

2) Reduce the number of tank water heaters (which cannot be recycled) going
to landfills each year.

3) Decrease our country's overall dependence on non-renewable resources
like Natural Gas.

Bosch Tankless Water Heaters use less energy but produce more hot water than the most efficient storage tank water heaters on the market today. Our tankless systems save you money, space and energy. Traditional hot water tank systems can develop rust and scaling inside the tank but not Bosch's tankless water system. You will only have heated fresh water on demand with reduced energy costs, as our system shuts down when there is no demand for hot water. Our tankless water heaters can also be installed on a wall inside or outside your home. You benefit from energy cost savings, clean, fresh hot water on demand, energy tax credits, space savings and endless hot water.

When you decide to buy Bosch, you know what you are going to receive. Bosch invests more than 9% of its total revenue on continued innovation, more than double the industry average of 4.2%. Bosch and continue their dedication to innovation and forward thinking, providing you, the consumer, with the most reliable and quality driven Tankless Water Heater on the market today.