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      GPS Lighting Solutions


LED Lighting has features that make life more convenient, comfortable and affordable. LED Lighting is more cost-effective than incandescent and Compact Florescent Lighting (CFL) and LED's have become widely accepted for different lighting applications in businesses and homes. GPS is the leading supplier for high-performance, energy-efficient lighting and retrofit kits. We offer customized energy-efficient lighting, engineering design, installation and rebate management, financing options and benefits analysis, ensuring energy and cost savings the minute you hit the switch.

Lighting accounts for up to 56% of energy usage, the global demand for electrical energy is on the rise and the cost to produce that energy is increasing. GPS will help you find ways to lower energy costs and achieve sustainability goals. If you require a custom solution, whether it's Industrial, Medical, Commercial or Retail, GPS's energy efficient vision addresses your lighting challenges and solves them with state of the art performance, ultra efficient high output and cooler operating temperatures, saving you money and energy.


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AET Solar Panels, Solar Heating & Solar Power - Thermal roof panels

AET Solar Panels, Solar Heating & Solar Power - Thermal roof panels

Solar Dude is the leading distributor of LED Lighting, Induction Lighting, Lighting Controls in NC, SC, VA, MD, IL, IN, AZ, TN, including installation. Additional information is available about any of our lighting solutions. Please Contact us today.